What is InnCrisis

InnCrisis is a deployable fundraising application that enables aid agencies to directly inform their donors of the impact of their specific donations.

Here's how it works:

  1. An aid agency deploys the InnCrisis software on infrastructure under their control.
  2. Donors visit the web page created by this InnCrisis deployment and donate funds.
  3. Aid workers use a mobile app to disperse and document the dispersal of funds.
  4. Recipients of funds can thank donors directly while maintaining their privacy.
  5. Donors receive feedback on the impact of their donations thereby increasing the likelyhood of making future donations.

Development Status

The first version of InnCrisis, currently under development, is a proof of concept focused exclusively on the core fundraising and fund disbursement functionality using the WePay service as a backend. A working demo will soon be available at

Functionality we aim to implement in the future:

If this project proves to be a viable platform for deployment by aid agencies, future developments may include a mobile web app interface for aid workers to search for and directly book hotel rooms using the funds that have been raised via their agency's deployment of InnCrisis.


The InnCrisis project began it's life on 3 November 2012 at the HurricaneHackers CrisisCamp Boston event held at the MIT Media Lab. In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, the NYC Office of Emergency Management had put in a request for a hotel availability platform to streamline the process of sheltering people displaced by disasters like hurricane Sandy.

In the immediate aftermath of a natural disasters it can be a challenge for response agencies to find shelter for people who have been displaced. It's often the case that emergency shelters reach capacity while nearby hotels have excess capacity. A bunch of us at the November 3rd event started hacking away at an easy system for aid workers to place people in nearby hotels. At the end of the event, we decided we had a pretty cool fundraising solution forming that we wanted to continue working on.

The current dev team for InnCrisis is Ryan Kahn (@Myztiq), Jonathan Wilde (@speedbreeze) and Lyre Calliope (@CaptainCalliope).